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What we can learn from the CHA study

I recently came across a press release touting the results of a brand-new study from the Craft & Hobby Association. (To see the release in its entirety, click here.) The 2009 Attitude & Usage (A&U) Study surveyed approximately 6,000 households to see how many craft projects they did during the year. Although there was an […]

This… is American idle

With two big projects for work taking up so much of my time, I haven’t had a chance to stitch for weeks. And I miss it, terribly. Lucky for me, several friends took it upon themselves to throw me a surprise birthday party a couple weeks ago at The Potomac Bead Co. It was so […]

People make the difference

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to take a class from Jennie and Kathy from Studio Bead. While it was a bit of a comedy of errors at first (no one had the key to the church where our guild usually meets, so one member generously offered her house — which is both stunningly gorgeous […]

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