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Are you marketing to truckers?

Are you marketing to truckers?

It’s no April foolin’: Check out an article the Wall Street Journal just did regarding the way some male truck drivers decide to spend their down time quilting, knitting and doing other artistic pursuits here.

In the article, it’s noted that “Don Hummer Trucking Corp.  last year started a loosely organized ‘sewing club,’ and encourages drivers who are nimble with a needle to show off their handiwork at headquarters. ‘We want them to pass the time to make themselves happy, rather than get frustrated waiting,’ said Dena Boelter, Hummer’s human-resources manager, an avid sewer who calls the hobby a great stress reliever that can be done almost anywhere.”

I’m always heartened to see groups that traditionally would NOT be associated with needlework enjoying it immensely. In this case, the article points to more downtime between deliveries for many truckers because loads are lighter (more flatscreen TVs, for example, can be delivered in fewer shipments than their prior-generation counterparts). Instead of a few hours between their runs, the drivers might be staying put for a day or two. While some drivers may have had interest in needlework way before then, they now have more time to devote to their projects.

So what do you say? Is it time to reach out to companies like Hummer, or to an industry group like the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers’ Association to offer a member discount at your shop if they show their commercial drivers licenses? Designers, is it time to create the “King of the Road” collection? Maybe they should know about your pattern of the month club, so they can have a goal to reach — and a project complete — by the end of the year.

I’d love to get your feedback regarding your ideas, and your experience with any long-haulin’ customers. Comment below or email me at positiveyarn@goochandgooch.com.

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