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Tis the season to be crafting

Tis the season to be crafting

Easter is still three weeks away, so in the meantime I’m turning my attention to other events — namely, the Medina Needlework Guild Needle Art Show being held this weekend at the Brunswick Library. I’m helping check in entries on Thursday, and helping demonstrate (and keep an eye on “overly tactile” kids and adults) on Saturday and Sunday. I also need to figure out what on earth I’m going to enter myself, and whether I want it to be judged. I am in awe of our judges; I know Sandy Rodgers personally, and Carol Lynn Stratton and Carla Waggoner by reputation. I’ve also jokingly said that the five-year time limit on finished pieces is a bummer, as I’m so slow in finishing anything that it severely cuts down on what I’m able to enter. Still, I’ll figure something out.

How did you celebrate National Quilting Day, which was last Saturday? I went to the Medina Library to see my friend Kathleen Clark and her fellow quilt guild members sit and stitch. They were garnering some interest — and with some of their gorgeous quilts on display, how could they not?

But if you missed out on March 21, remember that according to the Craft & Hobby Association, March is National Craft Month — and if you haven’t already made your customers aware, you still have a week to do so. With household budgets ever tighter, show customers (and potential customers) that they can have family fun as well as a little keepsake of their bonding time. It’s much more meaningful than another movie ticket stub or fast-food meal receipt.

Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention baseball this time of year — and The National NeedleArts Association is once again spearheading the Stitch n’ Pitch program. There’s even a “Stitch n’ Pitch Day” on April 19 at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, NY, as well as the local-market events at MLB cities nationwide.

How are you getting in on the act of special events this spring? How are you working it into your marketing plans? Let us know by commenting below or emailing me at positiveyarn@goochandgooch.com.

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