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Who am I to disagree?

A Groupon offer nudged us into having our ductwork cleaned. After all, we’ve lived in the house 10 years, own two very sheddy pets and don’t dust nearly as much as my mother-in-law thinks we should. Ignoring the data the Environmental Protection Agency puts out saying that the results are more anecdotal than concrete, we […]

The power of personalized service

A virtual bouquet goes to Kathryn Sutherland of Cornerstone Yarns, Richfield, OH. Last week, my family went on a Saturday adventure based on me skimming an article for the “Cabin Fever Tour” going on over in the next town. You see, each October our city is fortunate enough to have a Fall Foliage Tour that […]

Got a business proposal? Give it a ‘Kickstart’

If you have an idea for a large-scale project, but don’t know where to get funding, check out Kickstarter. It’s an online funding platform that lets users describe their project, set funding goals and pledge rewards, and then watch as the fund tallies rise. There’s no smoke and mirrors here: From your pledge, Kickstarter takes […]

Aw, hack

I recently had the stomach knot-inducing experience of having a credit card company tell me that because “one of its partners had been hacked,” there was this teensy-tiny chance that some of the purchases recently made on my card weren’t mine. Turns out, they weren’t. The purchases weren’t extravagant; I think perhaps the users were […]

Is NFC for Y-O-U?

Near-field communication, or NFC, is technology that lets two devices close to each other exchange simple transactions or data. While it has the potential to be used for a variety of things, one big focus currently is to make instant payments at retail outlets. Many smartphones these days feature a NFC chip, so that when […]

Is your shop senior-friendly?

I was recently at an event where an older friend of mine, who uses a walker but is otherwise both spry and independent, excused herself to use the ladies room. Another friend noticed some time had passed since she had left, and went to check on her. We soon learned she had fallen in the […]

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